Perinatal Mental Health

Animations to educate pregnant and postpartum women


Mental health issues are common during the perinatal period, but in spite of their prevalence, many women with perinatal mental illness remain undiagnosed and untreated. A number of barriers prevent these women from seeking help. The most common barriers include a lack of knowledge about the conditions and their symptoms, and feelings of shame and stigma.

I am creating a series of educational animations aimed at pregnant and postpartum women to address these barriers. These animations can help inform women who are undiagnosed, and encourage them to seek treatment. They can educate women who have already been diagnosed so they can be better informed and more involved in the decision-making process for treatment. Furthermore, women can share the material with family and friends, which will help their social support circles become more knowledgeable and more understanding about their condition. Results learned from creating this project can also be generalized to help inform the creation of sensitive and engaging educational material for similar audiences, such as women, mental health patients, new parents, or vulnerable populations.


Completed animation coming soon...

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at my process work below!



Process Work